“We Need To Talk About Our Elders”: On Abuse In Black Communities

A deeply moving post addressing a taboo that needs to be laid to rest.

No Fly on the WALL.

TW: detailed descriptions of childhood abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), death, self-injury, silencing, ageism, domestic violence, trauma.

In our latest post, an anonymous writer opens the door for much needed conversation about the domestic violence and sexual abuse that happens in some African and Caribbean communities. It is a taboo topic – difficult, uncomfortable, and toxic and vicims and survivors of such abuses are often left to deal with their scars alone, and suffer in silence. The No Fly on the WALL team had the privilege of meeting award-winning writer and Feminist, Feminista Jones at Women of the World Festival at Southbank yesterday and during her captivating and inspiring talk the subject of inappropriate behaviour by older men in black communities was raised. For women and men who have been victims, the trauma can have long term effects. Under the guise of ‘respect your elders’ and ‘do not question people who…

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