Lola Olufemi | I Don’t Know Which Form This Should Take

I don’t know which form this should take,

maybe a story, song or poem, something to quell doubt

to make me certain

but let me tell you a story

girl kisses girl, all is good, then the world invades

culture screams you’re wrong, men jeer

you’re constantly aware of everything that could be lost

you begin to question the validity of that kiss

the strength of that look

the smell of her hair

But you can’t even admit it to yourself,

cowardly and queer black, brown, asian girl

strident, defiant and staunch

you are not an anomaly

rewrite yourself into their stories

just be

without thinking

There will come a time for parents, religion, the natural order and rationality

but now, for now, breathe in all of her

bite tongues

touch skin

without thinking

right now allow yourself the agency to be free

to kiss boys, girls and those in between

you will soon learn it means nothing and everything

your mother will learn to love you again, she must.


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