On The Necessity Of Safe Spaces And Why We Don’t Have To Apologise

No Fly on the WALL.

The topic of safe spaces is particularly hot at the moment. In the aftermath of Bahar Mustafa, the Goldsmiths spectacle, and the unjust media storm that surrounded it for weeks, more and more people are questioning the need for them, deeming them to be a form of ‘self imposed segregation’ in some cases. In this post, Audrey Sebatindira uses the FLY network of Cambridge as a case study for the need for such spaces and how they can be very successful, revolutionary, and healing for those who need them.

The concept of a safe space can be a difficult one to explain and, as a result, a number of negative connotations are often wrongly attached to them. The term safe space denotes an area or forum open only to members of a particular marginalised group – who usually share a political or social viewpoint – where they can speak and…

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