‘This space is yours, reclaim and rebel!’ | Zahra Imaan

Image credit: Ed Brambley


FLY girls

In search of support,

acceptance or love,

a place to hide,

develop and thrive.


They will lift you –

Up, up and

even when you’re away.


No questions asked,

No experiences questioned,

No explanations needed.



Love runs deep,

Admirations grows,

Solidarity shows.


Blessed? Yes.


This space is yours,

Reclaim, and rebel!



So you’re an “ally”

Not a quality,

rather a responsibility.

Not a title owned,

but one given.

Not a day off –

does oppression stop?


Learn, listen –

away from your bubble.

Apologise, understand –

do not isolate.

Speak less, but

communicate directly.


Secondary emotions,

Discomfort, uneasiness –

is it weird feeling like us?

Receive criticism and

readjust your focus.


Special recognition?

Standing ovation?

The spotlight, maybe?

You? No, not everyday.



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