BME Cultural Dress Shoot (Inspired by OxWomIn)

Inspired by Oxford Women International Society. A project by Sophia Luu and Qiuying Giulia Lai (photographer). See the full photoshoot here!

“When a lot of people think of Cambridge, probably one of the last things that crosses their minds is people walking around in Qipaos, Ao Dài, Sari and Dirac. Yet there are lots of students here who own these national dresses and rarely get a chance to wear them. I saw a post from the Oxford Women’s International society of a few students in cultural dress and thought – why don’t we get Cambridge involved too? After posting a suggestion on the Fly group, I had such a large response, and as you will see in our personal bios, really reflects the positive way in which we are proud to wear our dresses, and be accepted for them. Each garment tells its own personal story, and each photo serves as a visual document for our proud moment of representing ourselves in this historic educational city.”

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