FLY, vol. 1 (2016-2017)

Editors’ Note

The idea for creating a FLY zine came from an open mic night in early 2016, which celebrated the creative talent of women and non-binary people of colour from all across Cambridge.

FLY’s first zine is themed around Bodies and Voices. Often, our stories are told for us; too often, our stories are not told at all. Because of this, our bodies and voices become sites of resistance, starting points in the process of taking ownership of our own narratives. In putting this zine together, we wanted to create a space to celebrate the work of people like us, people whose experiences of life and of Cambridge in particular are complex, painful and joyful.

To the amazing contributors and editorial team who helped this happen – thank you.

Arenike Adebajo & Jun Pang,
FLY Blog/Zine Editors, 2016-2017

Fiction editors: Jun Pang & Mariam Ansar
Non-fiction editors: Siyang Wei & Arenike Adebajo
Art editors: Mariam Ansar & Chloe Tayali

Cover image: Melanie Issaka
Illustrations: Yukiko Kobayashi Lui

Contributors: Eireann Attridge, Claire Takami Siljedahl, Joy Okwuonu, Arenike Adebajo, Joanna Lee, Karis Onyemenam, Olivia Lam, Jade Cuttle, Fenja Akinde Hummel, Hanna Stephens, Sienna Hewavidana, Amiya Nagpal, Mariam Ansar, Rebecca Tan, Jun Pang, Lola Olufemi & Martha Krish, Jay Kaur

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