Committee 2018-2019


Facilitator: Rashidat Animashaun

Hi all, my name is Rashidat. I’m a second year Politics and Sociology student at Trinity Hall. I manage the FLY committee, respond to press/collaboration requests and facilitate the weekly meets. If you need me, contact me via

Campaigns Officers: Nathania Williams and Fola Amuludun

Hey, I’m Nathania, I’m a second year historian at Trinity and I’m one of your campaigns officers this year. Through my role, I am hoping to utilise the amazing platform that FLY is for discussions on issues I feel are close to my heart, and hopefully raise issues that others feel are close to theirs. FLY is a lifeline for so many women and non binary people of colour in Cambridge, and I want to contribute to this and enable FLY to grow in the best way that I can.

I’m Fola and I’m a second year English student at Medwards! I’m one of the Campaigns officers for this year’s FLY committee and I’m so excited to help introduce FLY into the lives of freshers the way the previous committee did for me! I found FLY late, but it still gave me a sense of community I sought hard for here, and I hope to provide this same feeling too!


Blog and Zine Officers: Lizzie Bowes and Beatrice Obe

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’m a third year English student at Newnham. I’ll be editing the Fly blog this year, and I’m so excited to continue curating incredible content by women and non binary people of colour for the wider Cambridge community. Fly has been such a wonderful source of solidarity and comfort for me throughout my time at Cambridge, and I want to as blog editor continue to uphold a space for woc/nb poc to create and explore their voices. The platform is available to you if you want it – drop me an email at if you’re interested in writing for us!

Hi everyone! I’m Bea, I’m about to go into my third year of studying English at Newnham, and I’m hyped to be this year’s Zine Editor. Cambridge has been all kinds of mad so far, but if this place has taught me anything, it’s that, however stressful things get, having a solid support system makes anything possible. I’m so grateful to Fly for helping provide that to me, and I want to use my final year to proactively build NB PoC and WoC up in whatever way I can.

Treasurer: Iman Khakoo

Hi !! I’m a second year art historian at Queens’ and I am the treasurer for FLY this year. I’m so happy to be involved with FLY as it provided me with a great space in first year to meet other inspirational and like-minded women of colour. We are looking forward to welcoming many more into the family!

Secretary: Kiran Khanom

Hi! I’m a second year Historian at Emmanuel College. I’m the secretary for FLY this year; I’m super excited to be involved on the committee as FLY meetings were a highlight of my second year – I’d definitely recommend coming along to even just a few meetings! If you have any questions about FLY, History, technical theatre (of which I did a bit in first year) or anything else feel free to send me a message!